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17 years old, and a candidate for parliament!

William Wood, a 17-year-old, has been selected as National’s candidate for Palmerston North.

Holy crap. This is so so cool. The man can’t even vote yet, but he’s already a candidate for parliament. He’s gone to show the world that if you are good enough, you are old enough.

It’s also not some cushy seat that was handed to him – Wood’s earnt his selection on merit. He defeated National’s 2017 candidate Adrienne Pierce, current list MP Jo Hayes, and Ava Neal to secure the nomination.

No small feat.

But while he’s earnt his nomination for Palmerston North, whether he is going to get into parliament is another matter altogether. Palmerston North is Labour territory, and Wood will not win it.

Realistically, Wood will only get into parliament via the list. Where he places on that will probably be the first thing I look for when National announce their 2020 party list.

However, given how he managed to beat the 2017 candidate and a current MP, I would not be surprised to see National place him high. He’s earnt it.

Wood, (if he isn’t already) should be an inspiration to young people everywhere. As a fellow young person, I’m so stoked and proud of him.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that my views of him are entirely positive. You see, as a young person who takes pride in being one of the more politically active young people, I’m feeling rather out-done at the moment.

(Ignore the fact that I gave up on following politics for the better part of a year)

Time to grizzle about Mark Richardson

Mark Richarson is at it again, complaining about how “all millennials do is grizzle.” 

“All they do is grizzle,” he {Richardson} said, after Duncan Garner brought up new research suggesting more than half of Millennials are facing a ‘quarter-life crisis’.

How empathetic. I bet if this was about those who were suffering mid-life crisis’s, he would be a lot more empathetic.

Who comes up with this rubbish?

“I’d argue that Millennials are in a constant state of crisis really.

“That’s all I hear out of young people nowadays, grizzle about this, grizzle about that. Complain that this isn’t fair, complaining about that.

“How about getting off your asses and doing some work?”

Who’s doing the grizzling now?

First, Richardson is putting all Millennials into one group, which completely isn’t fair.

Second, Millennials don’t complain any more than any other generation.

Third, we are working. Working long hours so that you can have a nice retirement. Saving for decades so we can finally buy a house of our own.

And yes, quarter-life crisis are a thing.

So, on the behalf of Millennials everywhere, I would like to request that Mark Richardson show some empathy.

And we’d also like to request that he stop grizzling about us.



Lowering the voting age: My thoughts

Lately, the issue of lowering the voting age has come back into the spotlight.

And as a 14 year old, damn, I would have loved to vote last year.

Last year, we were focusing on the election and politics in Social Studies. We went from uneducated future voters to, well, educated future voters. That’s what an education does!

If we were able to vote in last years election, around 80%-90% of us would have voted on the base of our own political views. Not our parents views. Not our friends views. Our views.

And if a group of 13 and 14 year olds can vote reasonably, I have no doubt that 16 and 17 year olds can as well. But, it’s only after we started learning about politics and the election, that we started becoming educated voters.

With elections only happening once every three years, politics is generally out of the eye of teenagers. But, we need to make sure that teenagers learn about politics, and give them the chance to develop their own political views.

I believe we need a mandatory civics class for both year nines and tens. Once that happens, we will be ready to give sixteen year olds the vote.

Once that happens, we will also see a higher voter turn out. We will have more educated voters means more voters going to the polls.

The views of young people will be better represented in parliament.

And that can only be a good thing.

Chloe Swarbrick – Meet the Newbies

In episode seven of Meet the Newbies, I talk with Chloe Swarbrick in an 18 minute podcast about her extremely varied background for a 23 year old, why she would want the ministry of Youth, and her advice for young people in general.

COMING UP ON FRIDAY: I talk with Andrew Falloon, about his hopes for trade agreements and regional development

Baby of the house 23 year old Chloe Swarbrick