Monthly Archive: November 2017

Kiri Allan – Meet the Newbies

In episode five of Meet the Newbies, I talk to Kiri Allan in a twelve minute podcast. We chat about regional development, the change she wants to make to New Zealand’s motto, and her thoughts on cannabis.

COMING UP ON FRIDAY: I talk to Mark Patterson, an NZ First list MP on whether we should lower the number of MPs in parliament.

East Coast based Labour MP Kiri Allan

Hamish Walker – Meet the Newbies

In episode four of Meet the Newbies, I talk with Hamish Walker, the new Clutha-Southland MP on his rapid rise from not being a candidate, to being the new Clutha-Southland MP in just five weeks, why he wouldn’t march on the streets, and his focus on the people of Clutha-Southland.

UP ON MONDAY: I talk with Labour MP Kiri Allan, about making sure our regions don’t get forgotten.

New Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker

Deborah Russell – Meet the Newbies

In episode three of Meet the Newbies, I talk to Deborah Russell, the Labour MP for New Lynn, an electorate once held by former Labour party leader David Cunliffe. We talk about her focus on children, the possibility of a family benefit, and her interesting and varied background, in this twelve minute interview.

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UP ON FRIDAY: I talk to Hamish Walker, the new National Clutha-Southland MP, about his rapid climb to being the new Clutha-Southland MP.

Labour New Lynn MP Deborah Russell

Lawrence Yule – Meet the Newbies

In episode two of Meet the Newbies, I talk to former Hastings Mayor, and the new National MP for the Tukituki, Lawrence Yule, in a six minute podcast on the Hastings by-election, his focus on the environment, and his thoughts on the Māori electorates.

COMING UP MONDAY: Deborah Russel, Labour New Lynn MP, on her varied background and the size of electorates. Coming Monday, only on this blog.

New Tukituki National MP Lawrence Yule

Ginny Andersen – Meet the Newbies

In the first episode of a podcast series, in which we will talk to a large number of the new MP’s in New Zealand’s parliament, I talk to Ginny Andersen, Labour list MP for Hutt South, on her background, the important difference between good and popular policies, and moving on after narrowly losing Ohariu in 2014 and Hutt South in 2017.

Meet the Newbies: Introduction

We have a new parliament, and a number of new MP’s. With so many new lawmakers, I thought it would be good if we could try to get to know them, to find out who they are. So I decided to interview them, and then turn these interviews into a podcast, so you could learn about our new lawmakers as well. I’ll gradually publish them all over the coming weeks, and I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them.