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Matt King – Meet the Newbies

In episode ten of Meet the Newbies, I talk with Northland MP Matt King on changes to NZ’s bill of rights, why he prefers cannabis decriminalization over legalization, and his thoughts on when NZ will be ready for a republic.

COMING UP ON MONDAY: I talk with Northland based Labour list MP Willow-Jean Prime, on her former work as a Councillor in the far north.

Northland MP Matt King, who won the seat off NZ First leader Winston Peters

Kiri Allan – Meet the Newbies

In episode five of Meet the Newbies, I talk to Kiri Allan in a twelve minute podcast. We chat about regional development, the change she wants to make to New Zealand’s motto, and her thoughts on cannabis.

COMING UP ON FRIDAY: I talk to Mark Patterson, an NZ First list MP on whether we should lower the number of MPs in parliament.

East Coast based Labour MP Kiri Allan