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Greg O’Connor – Meet the Newbies

In episode 13 of Meet the Newbies, I talk to Labour MP Greg O’Connor in a 14 minute podcast. We discuss the ministries he wants to merge, his thoughts on getting cannabis and P out of the hands of gangs, and what he wants to do with the number of MPs in the house.

COMING UP NEXT FRIDAY: I talk Labour list MP Jamie Strange on his background as a teacher.

Ginny Andersen – Meet the Newbies

In the first episode of a podcast series, in which we will talk to a large number of the new MP’s in New Zealand’s parliament, I talk to Ginny Andersen, Labour list MP for Hutt South, on her background, the important difference between good and popular policies, and moving on after narrowly losing Ohariu in 2014 and Hutt South in 2017.