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Power is a fickle thing

There is some discord amongst the Greens, after Land Information minister Eugenie Sage made a highly controversial decision.

Sage made the decision to allow a Chinese owned water bottling company to expand and gain several hectares of land, to grow their Otakiri Springs water bottling plant.

This goes against the Greens campaign promises, in which the planned to ban new water bottling consents, put a levy on water bottling exports, and take treaty claims and rights into account when making decisions about water.

Why did Sage do this? According to Stuff:

The Overseas Investment Act only allows Ministers to take into account “substantial and identifiable” benefit to New Zealand and conservation values –┬ábut not Treaty of Waitangi rights.

So the Greens could only make decisions that benefit both New Zealand and conservation, but not necessarily local iwi.

There was some serious outrage in the Young Greens, with Young Greens co-leader Max Tweedie saying the following:

“What the fuck is the point of us being in government and having this portfolio if we throw our Te Tiriti [Treaty] obligations in the bin?!

Green party co-leader Marama Davidson also publicly said that she didn’t like the decision.

Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

Now that the Greens are actually in power, they can’t do what they want.