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My thoughts on Vision Zero

Assistant transport minster Julie Anne Genter’s plan for zero road deaths has raised some eyebrows, to say the least.

It’s been widely criticized as a plan that will never work, a plan that is too audacious.

And it is. Having zero deaths is something that is not achievable.

But I don’t think that necessarily makes it a bad plan.

If JAG had instead announced that she wanted to slash deaths on the road by half, well, then she would have had half the resources.

But as she is going for a target of zero, then she will probably have double the resources.

Now, having more resources doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more successful.

But, I’d say it increases the chance lowering the road toll by a lot. Not down to zero, but hopefully it will slash the toll by a lot.

And having less people die is certainly a good thing.