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The frustrating UN

The UN has made Syria chair of the UN disarmament forum.

The country which was the perpetrator of a deadly chemical weapons attack last week (chemical weapons were also banned by the disarmament forum), is now going to be the chair.

The hell?

You don’t put a country that just violated the rules of your forum as chair of the forum!

It’s so frustratingly ironic.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only frustrating thing the UN has done in recent years.

They’ve put Saudi Arabia on the women’s rights commission. Saudi Arabia only gave women the right to drive last year.

They named the UN human rights prize after Libya’s former murderous dictator, Muammar Al-Gaadafi. They also gave the prize to people like Fidel Castro, the former dictator of Cuba.

And they’ve also somehow managed to sanction Israel more times than North Korea.

It’s a frustrating organisation, to say the least.