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Sell outs

Labour announced a 12 billion infrastructure package today, and what did we get for it? Roads.

National is up in arms about it as from their point of view, Labour is promising what National was doing in the previous government. They aren’t wrong. Roads are a huge part of what National stands for.

It’s also a huge flip flop from the government, which has spent most of this term (rightly) saying no to roads despite National’s protests.

Labour is in essence copying National, which is a problem since National’s ideas are bad. We need to be decarbonizing the economy, not providing more opportunities for emissions. Which is what roads do. High speed rail connections across NZ is what the future needs to be, but Labour prefers to encourage more and more cars.

To be fair, 200 million has been allocated to decarbonization. Out of a 12 billion dollar budget. Of which, only 10 million is being allocated at this time.

Labour would rather spend 690 million on getting NZ First back into power than tackling climate change.

Labour is National lite.