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National desperately need a conservative support party

Labour rose to 48% in the latest poll, while National slumped to 43%. 

The Greens are at 5%, (problematic) and NZ First are below the 5% threshold, at 3%.

What was apparent was National’s biggest problem: The lack of a support partner.

If this poll was to fore-show the next election, National would be in big trouble.

With Act barely existing anymore, and the Maori party dumped out of parliament, and NZ First looking at the grave, the Greens are the only available coalition partner for National.

But the bridge between the Greens and National is wide.

But, both parties simply didn’t speak to each other during the coalition talks as both felt that the differences were to wide.

So, before 2020, National has to either bridge the gap between them and the Greens, or find a new party to work with.

Late last year, a couple of columns came up suggesting National were thinking about helping create a new conservative party.

But, as the polls show, there is no way that National will ever be able to govern in the near future without help.

So, creating this small conservative party should almost certainly be on the agenda for whoever the new National Party leader is.