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What will happen in the shadow cabinet reshuffle?

Simon Bridges is the new National Party leader, and a cabinet reshuffle is on the horizon.

So, what could happen? Who will go up, and who will go down?

Here are my predictions:


Judith Collins – In the article I linked above, Bridges heavily praised Collins, and how she would make a “great attack dog.” Likely to get the Finance role.

Mark Mitchell – During the leadership contest, Mark raised his profile with the public and had a good try at the leadership. A possible contender for Foreign Affairs.

Jami-Lee Ross – At just 32 and already chief whip, giving him a major portfolio like Transport or Immigration would be a clear sign of the “generational change” that Bridges has talked about.


Gerry Brownlee – He’s been in the game for 21 years now, and was a part of the Key/English era that National will hope to shake off as they build towards the “Bridges era.” Most likely the unfortunate victim of generational change.

Chris Finlayson – Like Brownlee, a relic of the Key/English era. Also looks like generational change will force him to move over.

David Carter – There’s definitely a pattern with those who I am predicting to go down –  generational change. The same holds true for David Carter, as the former speaker of the house could well be pushed aside.

These are just my predictions though. I could well be (and probably am), well off the mark.


Best of Mark Mitchell’s press conference

Mark Mitchell has announced that he will run for the National party’s leadership.

Now, I wasn’t able to watch his press conference due to school, but I did read the tweets coming through about it.

And from what I read, there were a couple of comical moments.


Reporter: “Can you sum up your leadership in one word?”

Mitchell: “Strong leadership”.

Reporter: “That’s two…”

Mitchell: “Um, ok, leadership” Mitchell.


Reporter: “Do you think Kiwis know who you are?”

Mitchell: “Nope,”


Reporter: What kind of conservative are you?

Mitchell:  “A kind conservative”

 I have to say, if the next three years will be like this, I am kind of rooting for Mitchell to win!