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No repeal of Three Strikes

Labour’s proposed reform of the controversial three strikes law has fallen through, with their coalition partner NZ First saying that they would not support the repeal. 

This is what happens when you have a three-way government like this one, and it shows the different sides that NZ First and Labour have taken on law and order.

Ironically, there probably wouldn’t have been a lot of difference had three strikes been repealed – barely any criminals have ever made it to their third strike – in fact, that number is yet to reach double digits.

The promise to repeal three strikes was more of a signal on where the government stands on law and order.

This will also concern Labour and the Greens, as, Winston Peters, leader of NZ First, the party which said they would not support the repeal, will become PM as soon as PM Jacinda Ardern has her baby, which could happen any day now.

Interesting times ahead.