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We need a “right to be forgotten”

Good news. The 25-year-old privacy act is being looked at, and one of the things on the table is a “right to be forgotten:”

A “right to be forgotten” law basically says that if you ask a data holder like google or facebook to remove a post or an article on yourself, they will be legally obliged to do that.

Why is this needed?

Well, I’m a teen. Most of my friends are also teens.

Teens do stupid things.

And in this world, literally anything and everything gets posted online, to facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Once something is online, it ain’t coming off.

Teens will do stupid things that make it online. Things that will haunt them. And not just teens. Everyday ordinary people, too.

People change. People don’t deserve to have the silly things they did in the past haunting them.

But currently, that’s how it works.

That is why we need a “right to be forgotten.”