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Robertson expects surplus

Finance minister Grant Robertson has announced that the upcoming budget on May 17th will see a surplus. 

This is a very big win for Labour. Often, their biggest problem, and National’s biggest asset, is that there is a belief Labour cannot be trusted with the economy.

However, this looks like it has come at their election promise of the lowering of prices for GP visits, something they’ve received a lot of criticism for.

Whether that choice to cut the GP visits promise for a surplus was the right one, or a good one, remains to be seen.

A deadline extension on GP fees

David Clark, minster for health, has stated that their policy of cheaper GP visits has been delayed due to budget constraints. 

The policy, which would have seen the cost of GP visits across the board come down from July 1st, now appears to be on hold.

The opposition have slammed this as a broken promise.

Personally, I wouldn’t go quite that far just yet. The government has said that the policy will instead be “phased in.” The government isn’t saying it’s off the table yet.

So, for the moment, this looks like a deadline extension.

That said, this is perhaps the vaguest possible deadline extension possible as there’s no deadline set for making the policy happen, the government is just saying it will be “phased in.”

I really wouldn’t be surprised to see the government conveniently forget about this policy.

However, for now, I’ll give the government the benefit of the doubt and I’ll wait and see what will happen.

Let’s give them six months. If we haven’t heard anything about when or how this policy will become real within the next six months, then we will know that this is a broken promise.

So, I guess I will be blogging on this again in six months.