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Orr should remain politically neutral

New Reserve Bank governor Adrian Orr is under fire from former EQC minster Gerry Brownlee after his comments on the difficulty of investing in the Christchurch rebuild. 

Orr said the following about his time at the NZ super fund:

“My single biggest frustration when I was at the Super Fund was the inability to be able to invest in New Zealand infrastructure,” Orr said.

“We never got to spend a single penny in Christchurch. I stopped going down. It became too hard.”

Simon Bridges and Gerry Brownlee have said that he should not go into the political debate and Brownlee said that he was siding with the new government against the old one.

I don’t think Orr meant these comments as a political statement, but things like this can be misinterpreted, especially in the world of politics.

You need to tread carefully.

Orr has been Reserve Bank governor for just over a month, so he’s new at the job. He’ll learn. Everyone makes mistakes as first.

Hopefully he’ll get better as time goes on.


National’s boycott makes no sense

National MPs were not at the latest business committee meeting, making it look like they boycotted the meeting.  

The business committee is where important decisions about how the house is run are suggested to the house itself, and almost always come into effect.

The reason for the boycott, according to an unnamed stuff source was:

A senior National Party source, who wished not to be named, said Mallard should be well aware of National’s concern with the way question time has been run, which had led to them not attending.

Despite Gerry Brownlee saying that the meeting wasn’t compulsory, it looks fishy when the speakers office has no reason for their absence, and all of the National MPs on the select committee weren’t there.

I have no problem calling this a boycott.

National does themselves no favours with this.

First, it just looks plain petty, to boycott a meeting because of question time.

Second, all of a sudden the rest of the committee has a green light to pass things without National’s opposition.

Not a good look for National.

What will happen in the shadow cabinet reshuffle?

Simon Bridges is the new National Party leader, and a cabinet reshuffle is on the horizon.

So, what could happen? Who will go up, and who will go down?

Here are my predictions:


Judith Collins – In the article I linked above, Bridges heavily praised Collins, and how she would make a “great attack dog.” Likely to get the Finance role.

Mark Mitchell – During the leadership contest, Mark raised his profile with the public and had a good try at the leadership. A possible contender for Foreign Affairs.

Jami-Lee Ross – At just 32 and already chief whip, giving him a major portfolio like Transport or Immigration would be a clear sign of the “generational change” that Bridges has talked about.


Gerry Brownlee – He’s been in the game for 21 years now, and was a part of the Key/English era that National will hope to shake off as they build towards the “Bridges era.” Most likely the unfortunate victim of generational change.

Chris Finlayson – Like Brownlee, a relic of the Key/English era. Also looks like generational change will force him to move over.

David Carter – There’s definitely a pattern with those who I am predicting to go down –  generational change. The same holds true for David Carter, as the former speaker of the house could well be pushed aside.

These are just my predictions though. I could well be (and probably am), well off the mark.