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Only three days?

Ginny Andersen’s bill allowing for bereavement leave in the case of miscarriage will have it’s first reading on Wednesday.

Andersen’s bill will clear up confusion as to whether victims of miscarriages and still births are eligible for such bereavement leave – something which is not clear under current law.

Women in such positions will be eligible for up to three days leave.

I’m not sure what to be more shocked about – how this isn’t already covered by bereavement law, or how the bill only gives three days of leave.

I am a man, so take my opinion with a grain of salt but it seems to me that the trauma that would come with the loss of a baby would inhibit the woman in question for more then three days. It just seems like an awfully short time to me.

Regardless, this bill is a good start and fixes a wrong in the law, and that is always good to see.

Good on Ginny.