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National should go for the Auckland mayoralty

National has split down the middle over whether to stand a candidate againstĀ  Auckland mayor Phil Goff during next years mayoral elections.

Grassroots, everyday members seem to be mostly for it but the higher-ups aren’t so keen.

The grassroots members, of course, want a National mayor in the hot seat, but the higher-ups worry about the risk involved, lack of an obvious candidate, and the chance of infighting and the damaging of National’s brand that might come with a National mayor for Auckland, who could potentially disagree with the party leadership, causing serious problems.

Personally, I think National should challenge Labour and Phil Goff for the mayoralty.

Labour and Goff are in a weak spot at the moment. Goff has been no stranger to controversy during his time in the hot seat due to the amount of secrecy that Auckland council has seen, and was nearly turfed out by a motion of no confidence a few months back which saw nine out of the twenty councilors vote against him.

And a National mayor for Auckland would be detrimental to the Labour government, given that so much of their plans revolve around Auckland.

The fuel tax, light rail plan, and kwibuild are all plans that are centered upon Auckland, and that are only really feasible with a co-operative mayor.

So, all in all, I think National have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going for the Auckland mayoralty