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Now comes the hard part for Bridges & co.

Simon Bridges has been elected leader of the National Party.

(And typically, I completely forgot to blog about it yesterday)

But Simon is leader now, and this is where the hard part begins.

Being the leader of the opposition for a first term government is probably the most difficult and thankless job in politics.

He’s tasked with holding the government to account, like any opposition leader.

However, at the same time, he has to defend the previous National governments stance on all issues, as that is where the new Labour government will put all the blame for the country’s problems.

All of this while competing for media attention against a polarizing, popular, 37 year old prime minster who is in the midst of experiencing both a poll bump and a baby bump.

And, when he does get media attention, he has to make sure he doesn’t sound like your typical whining opposition – something which Labour almost always sounded like during their nine long years in opposition.

The one advantage Bridges has is that the majority of National’s voters still feel like they “won” the election, and for the moment at least, are sticking loyally by the party.

But, in the latest poll, National fell to 43%, meaning that National voters may be beginning to unstick.

So, for Simon Bridges, the reality of holding “the worst job in politics” may soon set in.

Best of Mark Mitchell’s press conference

Mark Mitchell has announced that he will run for the National party’s leadership.

Now, I wasn’t able to watch his press conference due to school, but I did read the tweets coming through about it.

And from what I read, there were a couple of comical moments.


Reporter: “Can you sum up your leadership in one word?”

Mitchell: “Strong leadership”.

Reporter: “That’s two…”

Mitchell: “Um, ok, leadership” Mitchell.


Reporter: “Do you think Kiwis know who you are?”

Mitchell: “Nope,”


Reporter: What kind of conservative are you?

Mitchell:  “A kind conservative”

 I have to say, if the next three years will be like this, I am kind of rooting for Mitchell to win!

Bill English resigns as National Party leader

Jo Moir and Tracy Watkins writes:

Bill English has announced his resignation as both National Party leader and an MP.

He will step down on February 27 and intends to deliver a valedictory speech in Parliament on March 1…

He said the decision was a “purely personal” one.

The National Party caucus was told about his plans in their weekly caucus meeting on Tuesday morning, before English held a press conference flanked by his colleagues and family, including wife Mary and some of his children.

Holy Shit.

That’s my general feeling.

This came right out of the blue.

While it was always likely that English would resign as National Party leader before the end of the term, I always expected it to happen in mid 2019, not right at the start of the political year.

It’s not good for National either.

They now risk putting themselves on the same path that Labour did in 2008 – Going through a conveyor belt of leaders.

Will that be the case? Time will tell.