Sadly trivial

Wellington City Councilor Nicola Young has called for the city to start flying Wellington’s flag, which hasn’t been in regular use since the 90s.

This was a new learning experience for me – as a Wellingtonian, I had no idea we had a flag. But I gotta say, the flag looks awesome.

Photo taken from the stuff article

There’s a dolphin and a boat and more flags in the flag!!!!! This quite possibly one of the coolest flags I’ve seen. How many have a dolphin? The yellow and black both look great as well.

It has been raised that this flag does represent colonialism, but as councilor Young said, colonialism is part of Wellington’s history. Also, it doesn’t need to represent anything if we don’t want it to – in the end, it’s just a piece of cloth.

But however cool this flag is, it is, in the end, a trivial matter, and not something worth spending money on. Wellington does have better things to use it’s rates on. But god damn I wish that wasn’t the case, because this flag rocks.

(Also apologies – I know this is a few days old. I’ve had exams recently, so my next few posts will be me trying to catch up with the events of the past few days)


Wellington man Danny Tahau Jobe has started a petition to include the Maori name of New Zealand, Aotearoa, in NZ’s official name.

As of this morning, the petition was close to 3250 signatures. ‘

What’s interesting is that the petition is not calling for an immediate name change, rather, it’s calling for a referendum on the issue.

But referendums are expensive. The flag one showed us how much money can be wasted on something fairly trivial. Referendums are also coming up in the next few years on voluntary euthanasia and cannabis legalization, there’s probably a chance that voters could suffer from referendum fatigue.

Yet, while it may be trivial, there would be an outcry if parliament were to decide without a referendum.

Another thing of note is that we already use Aotearoa New Zealand as our name fairly frequently, as stuff explains in the aforementioned article:

“Official documents of national identity, birth & citizenship certificates, passports and money-notes have Aotearoa and New Zealand together as the names of the country. Only ‘New Zealand’ has official status.

So the main result of a name change would be international recognition.

While changing the name to Aotearoa-New Zealand is something I would mildly support, it still feels like something fairly minor that should be fairly low down the list of things to do for government. Like an NZ republic or a flag change.

And should the government consider it? Well, it is, in the end, it is something that everyone should weigh in on in a referendum, despite how annoyingly trivial it is, and how much a referendum would cost.

My view? Not really a “good” solution here.


Where’s the positive media?

On Saturday, it was announced by Conservation minster Eugenie Sage and Energy minister Megan Woods that they had denied an application to mine on conservation land. 

This is a positive for the government, as they are following up on their promises to restrict mining in favor of conservation.

Ok. What’s the big deal?

Well, I didn’t even know this happened until No Right Turn blogged about it. 

The usual sites that I go to to find out what is happening in NZ politics, Stuff, the NZ Herald, and Newshub, all had no reports on this.

Look, that is something that should change.

Reporting only negative media about the government will get them more clicks, but it is important to report both the good and the bad on the government.

Otherwise, they risk not telling the whole story and seeing trust drop in them.

I hope the media will change their ways on this.

Guilty unless proven innocent

Morgan Freeman is the latest Hollywood star to be hit with sexual misconduct claims.

Now, the Screen Actors Guild is apparently considering revoking the lifetime achievement award it gave Freeman.

Look, that’s not ok.

Nothing has been yet proven. 

This isn’t the way the justice system works.

It is supposed to be innocent unless proven guilty, but I feel like all of a sudden, the media, the public, and almost everyone have adopted a guilty unless proven innocent approach when it comes to sexual misconduct.

Like sure, if Morgan Freeman has ended up sexually harassing women, then that award should be absolutely be taken away from him.

But if that’s the case, you do that after the trial and the guilty verdict, not before.

Sexual abuse is no doubt a terrible thing to experience and those who do that should be punished.

But we need to make sure the perpetrator actually did the crime before enacting punishment.

It works that way with every other crime in the book, sexual misconduct shouldn’t be any different.

Men can face sexism

I came across this tweet on twitter the other day:

For those who don’t know, wahine means woman in Maori.

Imagine if the roles were flipped in this tweet.

Imagine the outrage of someone saying that women could not have an intelligent discussion. Imagine the outrage of someone saying that women just had shouty egos.

That’s what is pretty much happening here.

As a man, this really makes me mad.

It should not be deemed acceptable to be sexist to men.

And don’t get me wrong here, I’m all for equality between men and women.

But the fact that women have been oppressed should not give them the right to be mean to men.


Breaking News!

I have had nothing to blog about for the past couple days.

So, naturally, I’m going to bullshit my way past 100 words in this post that will say absolutely nothing.

Yes, I’m that desperate for something to blog about. There seriously hasn’t been anything worth blogging about for the past few days.

Hopefully there will be something interesting in the budget tomorrow.

Here’s some more words to fill up this post.

73 words, we are getting near the 100 word mark!

I love blogging, but sometimes it just feels like there’s nothing I can say when I’m desperate to blog about literally anything.

Yay, I’m over 100 words now! That means I can stop typing and still feel good about myself because I blogged today!

You’re welcome 🙂


Israel Folau and free speech

Australian rugby star Israel Folau was controversial again yesterday, sharing a homophobic video on twitter.  

This comes about a month after Folau stirred the pot of controversy by stating that all gays are going to “HELL.”


What do you do in this scenario?

On one hand, Israel Folau has his right to free speech. But he’s also an extremely influential person, and teaching homophobia is not something society needs.

So you could say that he’s a criminal with hate speech. But where do you draw the line? What constitutes hate speech?

It’s an extremely murky situation.

If anyone has an idea of what the right course of action here is, let me know. Because I certainly don’t.

Time to grizzle about Mark Richardson

Mark Richarson is at it again, complaining about how “all millennials do is grizzle.” 

“All they do is grizzle,” he {Richardson} said, after Duncan Garner brought up new research suggesting more than half of Millennials are facing a ‘quarter-life crisis’.

How empathetic. I bet if this was about those who were suffering mid-life crisis’s, he would be a lot more empathetic.

Who comes up with this rubbish?

“I’d argue that Millennials are in a constant state of crisis really.

“That’s all I hear out of young people nowadays, grizzle about this, grizzle about that. Complain that this isn’t fair, complaining about that.

“How about getting off your asses and doing some work?”

Who’s doing the grizzling now?

First, Richardson is putting all Millennials into one group, which completely isn’t fair.

Second, Millennials don’t complain any more than any other generation.

Third, we are working. Working long hours so that you can have a nice retirement. Saving for decades so we can finally buy a house of our own.

And yes, quarter-life crisis are a thing.

So, on the behalf of Millennials everywhere, I would like to request that Mark Richardson show some empathy.

And we’d also like to request that he stop grizzling about us.