Climate change is fact

Anti vaxers are widely (and rightly) discredited as extremists whose anti science and anti facts views have no place in modern society as they quite literally threaten lives.

Climate change, like anti vaxers threaten lives, yet apply that same logic to climate change and what is scientific fact is presented as a debate. Sadly, Act leader David Seymour has made what is fact, debate.

Seymour said while it’s not a bad thing for students to learn facts about climate change so they can understand what they hear in the news, he said the curriculum doesn’t allow room for any debate. 

This being on the new climate change curriculum for schools.

What Seymour is advocating for is essentially to question facts themselves. This isn’t acceptable at all and will only slow any meaningful progress on climate change.

Climate change is not a debate. For the good of the planet, climate change must not be a debate.


  1. Naima

    Great article, Dan. Powerful message.

    If it’s indisputable, then let whoever wants to debate, debate, they can’t win something that’s already won.

  2. Barrie Fowler

    We should feel free to question anything we want to. It is a given right of every citizen to question, to read widely, and form their own opinions on any given subject. No subject or topic, including climate change, should be excluded from this right. This is how the state of mankind’s knowledge grows.


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