Finland rocks!

Finland is just the most amazing country, and I felt the need to do a post about why they are so damned cool.

They have the second youngest leader in the world – Sanna Marin, who’s also the world’s youngest female leader.

All five of the parties that make up their government are lead by women – so yay, diversity points!

Well, maybe not exactly diversity points, but you get the idea. Good progress regardless.

Finally, they’re also the only nation in Europe that has their homeless rate going down – all thanks to their new approach to tackling homelessness.

The policy applied in Finland is called “HousingFirst”. It reverses conventional homeless aid. More commonly, those affected are expected to look for a job and free themselves from their psychological problems or addictions. Only then they get help in finding accommodation.

“Housing First”, on the other hand, reverses the path: Homeless people get a flat – without any preconditions. Social workers help them with applications for social benefits and are available for counselling in general. In such a new, secure situation, it is easier for those affected to find a job and take care of their physical and mental health.

When you think about it, it seems obvious. Of course getting a job and freeing yourself from your addictions is going to be easier when you don’t have to worry about where you’ll be sleeping each night.

Four out of five homeless Finns will find themselves on the path to a better life thanks to HousingFirst.

The killer is that long term, it’s cheaper than leaving people on the streets thanks to the costs that come with homelessness existing:

When people are in emergency situations, emergencies are more frequent: Assaults, injuries, breakdowns. The police, health care and justice systems are more often called upon to step in – and this also costs money.

Finland saves 15000 euros a year for every homeless person on the street thanks to HousingFirst.

Finland, you rock. I hope NZ can follow your lead.


  1. Oliver

    “All five of the parties that make up their government are lead by women”
    How does this get diversity points? All of those leaders are the same gender. Does the US then get diversity points for the two Bushes, Clinton, Obama and Trump? Didn’t think so.
    Also what’s implicitly good about having the second-youngest leader in the world? The youngest leader, Sebastian Kurz of Austria, lost a vote of no confidence last year. The fourth-youngest, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea,… well, I think I’ve made my point.

    1. Naima

      Hey Oliverrrrrr, cool comment, dude!


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