Reprimanded for being a good samaritan

Zuhaib Bangash runs a kebab shop in Auckland and was feeding the homeless out of his own pocket. However, he was told to stop by the Glen Eden Business Association.

“They said they were not happy with what I was doing. They said all the homeless will come here and other businesses will go down,” Bangash said.


This was the first time he’s officially opened his shop to feed the homeless, but he said he’s never turned anyone away who’s asked for food since he opened two years ago.

“They are not bad people, I know they have a bad reputation, but they just want to eat. They need food, I have food – this is $600 from my own pocket every week.

“Why am I being told to stop? I know they leave here very happy.”

Bangash said he chose Sunday evenings because Glenmall is usually quiet – most shops are closed, and there are very few people in the town centre.

The man is literally doing a public service for society’s most disadvantaged members. He’s also making sure it’s at the most convenient time for everyone.

Yet the association’s only concern is for the businesses – and ok, it is the Business Association – but at the same time, it’s saddening how all the concern is for those with jobs, not those on the street. And again, Zuhaib was doing it at the most convenient time for the nearby businesses, so the complaint doesn’t stack up.

The attitude of the Business Association is a disappointing reflection of societies view of the homeless – their much greater needs come after the needs of those who have homes, and have money.

Let Zuhaib continue, and give him a damn medal.


  1. Geoff

    Sppt on young man.
    Glad to see young people like you speek up.

  2. Mike Mckee

    Good points.
    Give that man a DB..


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