Unable to take criticism

NCEA’s level three English exam has come under fire from National MPs such as Amy Adams, for including a text that criticises NZ farmers.

For the record, here is the article itself:

This is from the Unfamiliar Texts paper – you don’t have to write an essay responding to the text, you’re asked how the author gets their point across. You’d have to try really hard to make your answer political. For reference, I did the level one equivalent of this a few weeks back.

It’s also incredibly disappointing to see a senior MP like Adams use hyperbole and mass hysteria like this – it’s an English paper of which students have to show understanding of how an author makes points. How the hell is state-sponsored bullying and brainwashing? If anything, it’s encouraging critical thinking.

The article in question isn’t even incredibly anti-farmer – but it does raise the point of the damage farming can have on the environment. But opposing viewpoints is something you have to deal with in life. Honestly, if the roles were reversed here and the article was on something close to the left, the right would be decrying how this generation is full of snowflakes.

But in any case scenario, if farmers don’t want a narrative about how they pollute our water, then they should not pollute our water.

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  1. Geoff

    Damn good points Daniel.


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