Please, no return to two-party politics

Bryce Edwards at The Guardian has pointed out the problem Jacinda and Labour have with minor parties:

Bridges knows that his best chance is not making new friends in parliament, but rather taking out Ardern’s current support parties. It’s a cunning, if very cynical plan.
A number of new “micro parties” will be attempting to make it into parliament in 2020. They have little chance of success, but they do have the potential to have a big impact. Two small environmentally-focused parties – Sustainable NZ and the Opportunities party – could end up acting as spoilers, stealing votes from the Greens and sinking them under the crucial 5% threshold.

No no no no no no no.

The change from FPP to MMP was the best and most important political change for recent political history. FPP is a terrible system, voters should not be forced into voting for the lesser of two evils. Yet, that’s what’s essentially that we could be staring at, despite being in MMP.

If we do lose the minor parties, barring changes to the electoral system (which isn’t hugely unrealistic, to be fair) it will be difficult to get any minor parties back in parliament.

Going to a two-party system is a bad idea, period. One party having absolute power in government is bad.

Come 2020, if we are in danger of losing the minor parties, NZ voters, please do the right thing. Vote for the minor parties if you have to.


  1. Geoff Lye

    Spot on Dan that kis exactly what National wants. They were deasd agaibst mmp in the first place.

  2. Raoul

    A return to a two party FPP system would be stupid and unthinkable. It is undemocratic and any attempt to move in that direction be a desperate ploy to cut out representation in our House of Representatives. It would be bound to fail.

    Smaller parties might very well be at risk. We have seen examples of this over the years when the base is frustrated that their party in coalition is seen to be too supportive of the major governing party. The smaller party is seen to be departing from its values and principles. On the one hand the party holds some ministerial influence. On the other hand their frustrated supporters would prefer that the party be out of coalition and be free to demonstrate their independence and criticise the government when thy see fit. It is a dilemma for the party leadership and they should very careful to avoid extinction.

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