Should the public know if candiates are criminals?

National MP Matt King has proposed a bill that requires political candidates to disclose prior criminal offenses – if it warranted a prison sentence over two years.

I personally think that whenever this bill gets taken out of the ballot, it’s going to pass – but that doesn’t mean that I agree with it. I don’t know what to think of it, actually.

One of my longest-held and strongest political views is that businesses should not be able to deny employment based on past criminal offenses. This is essentially the same thing, but instead of an employer, whether these people get the job is entirely up to the NZ public – and I don’t have much faith in either the public or the media to focus on anything but past convictions.

On the other hand, you’ve gotta do something pretty serious for it to warrant a two year sentence.

I don’t know. This is a catch 22, I really don’t know what the correct choice is. I’m gonna say I agree with King here, but it’s not a strong held opinion and I’m very much open to being convinced otherwise.

And yeah, I’m back, trying my hand at this again. Hopefully, I’ll stay at this longer than I did last time I came “back.”


  1. Raoul

    We’ll see how far Matt King’s bill gets. Early days yet.

    It’s good to see you back Dan. I guess you’ll have more time for this now that exams are over.



  2. Stephen

    Good on you Mr Moskovitz
    I see a great future in you my dear sir
    It’s good to see that a young man like yourself is dedicated to learning about our political system rather than playing on the computer fortnite games as my sons do.
    I wish you well in your future endeavours

  3. Barrie Fowler

    I’m glad you are back too Dan. If politicians were open and honest with us then such a bill as proposed would be irrelevant.


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