Plug pulled on TOP

Gareth Morgan’s pet political party, TOP, has applied for de-registration.

It’s a sad ending. I know that myself, along with quite a few other voters from both ends of the political spectrum, quite liked TOP’s ideas.

The problem was though, the ideas were generally the only thing that people liked. Gareth Morgan kind of acted like a dick. It’s kind of hard to attract people to your party when you use the death of the PM’s cat as a political football.

However, given that the ideas that they were talking about were generally seen in a positive light, I did predict that there would be a future for TOP.

In fact, back in March, I blogged about how Lance O’Sullivan would have made a great leader for TOP, as back then there were reports of how they were in discussions for O’Sullivan to become TOP’s next leader.

I think that TOP could have made its way into parliament if they had O’Sullivan at the helm.

However, I’m guessing that four months later with no announcement means that no agreement was ever reached between them.

And thus ends the party which Morgan spent more than 2 million on.

Hopefully, for me as a football fan, Morgan will spend that kind of money on the Wellington Phoenix instead.

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  1. Mike Mckee

    Morgon was toxic to the Brand…..
    Sad but true.

    I appreciated their approach and had some good conversations….


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