A good decision by Air NZ

Air New Zealand has announced that they will be serving plant-based burgers on their Auckland-Los Angeles flights, a decision that has been criticized by Clutha-Southland MPs Hamish Walker and Mark Patterson.

For those that don’t know, a plant-based┬áburger is where the meat is made out of beans, although apparently, it tastes exactly like normal meat.

Walker and Patterson’s reasoning for their views are that “Air NZ has forgotten the importance of the red meat’s sector’s contribution to our well being and economy.”

Personally, I think this is a great step forward for Air NZ. Meat-free meat is much better for the environment, and as air travel is already a huge contributor to global warming, I think every little bit helps here.

Second, it’s really Air NZ’s choice here. They should get to decide what goes on their menu. And third, if customers don’t like, it, I assure you that real meat will be back on the menu.

So yeah. I think that this was a good decision from Air NZ.

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  1. Zeyde

    Air NZ has the right to serve whatever it wants to. The customers in the end will let them know if their decision was ok. It may cost them a few clients but that’s the cost of doing business


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