Nash risks pulling a Little

Fisheries minister Stuart Nash has announced that he will try to get support from within cabinet to roll out cameras on commercial fishing boats. 

The policy, which was put on ice when the Labour government was sworn in, has been on ice given Labour’s coalition partner NZ First having strong ties to the fishing industry.

So, Nash has announced that in July, he will do his best to gain support in cabinet for the putting cameras on fishing boats.

Nash is in risky territory here. The fishing industry is a friend of NZ First’s, and, the last time a Labour minister tried to sway NZ First to their way of thinking when Justice minister Andrew Little attempted to gain their support for the planned repeal of three strikes, NZ First publicly said no in a humiliation for Little.

Now, Nash finds himself in a similar position, trying to change NZ First’s mind on a core position of theirs.

And honestly, I see Nash most likely suffering the same fate that Little did.


  1. Mike Mckee

    It is the correct thing to do.
    Maybe the fishing industry needs the heavy hand of further regulation to sway their minds and get compliance.
    make their catch permits based on both verifiable info which would include cameras.
    IE No working cameras no catch permit.

  2. Mike

    and now we see just a part of “the secret deal” with NZF Labours Adhern signed.
    What’s interesting is it has shown up the bankruptsy of The Watermelons “Green Credentials”.
    Like the axing of the “Kerdemac Sanctuary”……


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