Where’s the positive media?

On Saturday, it was announced by Conservation minster Eugenie Sage and Energy minister Megan Woods that they had denied an application to mine on conservation land. 

This is a positive for the government, as they are following up on their promises to restrict mining in favor of conservation.

Ok. What’s the big deal?

Well, I didn’t even know this happened until No Right Turn blogged about it. 

The usual sites that I go to to find out what is happening in NZ politics, Stuff, the NZ Herald, and Newshub, all had no reports on this.

Look, that is something that should change.

Reporting only negative media about the government will get them more clicks, but it is important to report both the good and the bad on the government.

Otherwise, they risk not telling the whole story and seeing trust drop in them.

I hope the media will change their ways on this.


  1. Geoff

    You have got to be joking . The media are owned by the right wing and will never report anything positive about this govt yet will spin any crap simon no bridges says.

  2. Barrie Fowler

    I can’t work out how the Greens reconcile their support for the bombardment of millions of hectares of our land with a powerful insecticide / pesticide indiscriminate killer (1080) with their preventing the mining of a high grade coal on just a few hectares of our conservation estate.

  3. Mike Mckee

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the DOMPOST is p[rotecting both WCC and the Labour Greens Government.


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