No confidence in Goff

Earlier this week, nine out of the twenty Auckland City Council councilors penned a letter of no confidence to mayor Phil Goff. 

Nine out of twenty councilors. Nearly half. This is no small thing.

Councilor Chris Fletcher has also accused Goff of bullying him.

But, that’s not the main reason councilors are rebelling against Goff. What is going on?

Well, Goff wanted to abandon Eden Park, Auckland’s main stadium for a new one on the waterfront. Fair enough.

Well, what happened next? The Herald can explain this better than I can.

Not all council members want to abandon Eden Park but their disgruntlement was over restrictions Goff has placed on the circulation of the report by consultants PwC for the council subsidiary, Regional Facilities Auckland. Goff released a redacted version of the report, blocking out some passages to preserve commercial confidences.

He refused to give councillors the full report in electronic form but they could read printed copies in council offices so long as they did not copy them or take them away. Goff says the Ombudsman was satisfied these arrangements met the legal requirements of freedom of information in local government but some councillors were naturally annoyed and insulted to be treated this way.

And so this was the big kicker that caused the motion of no confidence.

To put it lightly, Auckland Council is a shambles. And if Goff wants to keep the number of councilors who are rebelling from rising, Goff has to change his ways.

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  1. Mike Mckee

    I think Goff has lost it with the councillors, I am sure more than 50% want him gone.
    The remainder will wait til they can act.

    The issue is will the public vote for him.
    More cover like this and increased costs and they might not.

    But Auckland is a different fish to Wellington.


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