Guilty unless proven innocent

Morgan Freeman is the latest Hollywood star to be hit with sexual misconduct claims.

Now, the Screen Actors Guild is apparently considering revoking the lifetime achievement award it gave Freeman.

Look, that’s not ok.

Nothing has been yet proven. 

This isn’t the way the justice system works.

It is supposed to be innocent unless proven guilty, but I feel like all of a sudden, the media, the public, and almost everyone have adopted a guilty unless proven innocent approach when it comes to sexual misconduct.

Like sure, if Morgan Freeman has ended up sexually harassing women, then that award should be absolutely be taken away from him.

But if that’s the case, you do that after the trial and the guilty verdict, not before.

Sexual abuse is no doubt a terrible thing to experience and those who do that should be punished.

But we need to make sure the perpetrator actually did the crime before enacting punishment.

It works that way with every other crime in the book, sexual misconduct shouldn’t be any different.

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  1. Raoul Ketko

    Well said, Dan.


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