Judith Collins – National’s Ardern?

I’m a bit late blogging on this, but one of the interesting things from the Newshub poll on Monday was that Judith Collins registered on the preferred PM stakes – at 3.7%.

She was very low compared to everyone else, however – Ardern was at 41%, Bridges at 9%, and Peters at 4.6%.

Already, this feels very reminiscent of Andrew Little’s failed Labour leadership last year and the slowly rising in popularity Ardern.

Little was never anywhere high in the preferred PM stakes. But always behind, generally at around 5% mark, was Ardern.

In fact, Collins first appearance in the preferred PM stakes is higher than Arden’s first appearance – Collins is at 3.7%, while when Ardern first appeared, she was at 3.5%

So while its early days yet, the signs appear to be similar – An uninspiring opposition leader, and a woman MP slowly gaining on him in the preferred PM stakes.

However, the saving grace for opposition leader Simon Bridges may be National’s popularity – for the moment, National is the highest polling party, even if they are below the center-left coalition.

And who will want to lead a coup against such a high polling party – for the moment, at least.


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