Twyford doesn’t need to resign

Transport and Housing Minister Phil Twyford has offered his resignation after it was revealed that he had been on a phone call when a plane was taking off. 

PM Jacinda Ardern rejected his offer of resignation.

Although my inner cynic tells me that his offer of resignation was just a chance to look good and repentant, that doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t need to resign over this.

I mean, sure, apologise, and don’t be on the phone when a plane is taking off, but this isn’t something hugely serious. No one was hurt, and that is all that matters.

There are good reasons to resign as a minister, but a mistake like this is not one of them.

You’re ok, Phil.

EDIT: Apparentley Twyford will no longer be responsible for the Civil Aviation part of his transport portfolio. Fair enough.



  1. david

    So it would have been serious if the plane had crashed then? You might like to wait for that, me, I’m not so sure.

  2. Michael

    Haha, they would take off the Civil Aviation, wouldn’t they? That’s hilarious. I can’t believe this happened to the Civil Aviation person. So good.

  3. renanda tribowo

    what caused him to resign?


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