The alternative reports coming out of Gaza

If you’ve been paying attention to the recent trouble plaguing the Gaza strip, then you will have almost certainly have heard differing reports about what is happening.

Pro-Palestinian supporters say that Israeli troops fired upon peaceful protesters.

Pro-Israeli supporters say that most of the protesters were part of Hamas, a terrorist organisation, who attacked the Israeli forces.

Just what am I supposed to believe here?

If Pro-Palestinian supporters are correct, then what Israel did is horrific and a crime.

If Pro-Israel supporters are correct, then Israel was undoubtedly in the right, they were just defending themselves and their country.

Unfortunately however, I doubt I will ever know the full truth.


  1. Raoul Ketko

    Dan, I’m not sure that we can know the truth. What was shown on TV were Palestinian demonstrators, many of them young, protesting out of anger and frustration. They saw reason to be angry. Naturally the IDF had a duty to perform to protect the border and keep Israeli citizens safe. The fact that they used live rounds and killed scores of protestors and wounded thousands of them has led to many countries (including New Zealand), to claim that the IDF response was disproportionate. I am not aware of why this happened but I would need to be convinced that the crowd could not have been restrained by the use of rubber bullets and, if necessary, by gas canisters being dropped by drones. I am deeply concerned at the carnage.

  2. llloyd

    Both sides, I think, have an argument. But the background is the Israeli blockade on Gaza. That has to end immediately. The Government of Israel should accept Gaza has the right to have weaponry to defend itself.


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