Budget 2018: A win for Labour

Finance minster Grant Robertson has announced the first budget of the new government, and it was kind of underwhelming. 

PM Jacinda Ardern and Robertson made good on their promise that this would be a predictable budget, and despite the media hyping it up, it was predictable, and went just how they said it would.

Health received a major funding boost, while Education, Foreign Affairs, Justice and the DoC all received less extravagant funding boosts.

None of that is why I call this budget a win for Labour, however. Instead, it’s Robertson’s 3.1 billion surplus thanks to his debt responsibility rules.

The left won’t be happy with the responsibility rules, as there is now 3.1 billion which they can’t spend, but, the rules have led to a 3.1 billion surplus, and this should throw off the idea that Labour can’t be trusted with the economy.

This is generally one of National’s key advantages and ways to attack Labour, but now that there is a solid 3.1 billion surplus, the wind will have been knocked right out of their sails there.

Robertson has done well with this budget, if you ask me.

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  1. Barrie Fowler

    It is good that more money is being spent on health and education. But I feel very sorry for those workers on low incomes, especially with the onset of winter with associated heating costs and the impending increase in petrol taxes which will push up consumer prices of many day-to-day items. While some will benefit from the Working for Families package, many will not as they do not qualify. As a Country we are not in a good place when our Government displays no concern for the welfare of this growing class of people.


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