Jaung the Greens candidate

The Green party has announced their candidate for the Northcote by-election, and it’s their 2017 candidate, Rebekah Jaung.

Jaung is not really a great choice for the by-election. There’s no chance of the Greens really winning it, their participation in the by-election is just about raising their profile and showing that they are different from Labour.

The Greens would have been much better to select someone who the public actually knows, like Chloe Swarbrick or Golriz Gharaman. Both of them are new MPs with respectable public profiles. People would have known who they were.

And it’s not unheard for the Greens to stand a list MP for a by-election. Julie Anne Genter stood in Mount Albert back during the 2017 by-election there.

On the plus side, this will give Jaung a chance to show her worth to the party, and perhaps go for a higher list placing for 2020. And, if she ends up in parliament come 2020, it will give Northcote someone local in parliament.

Still, for the short term anyway, it would have been smarter for the Greens to stand one of their list MPs.


  1. Zeyde

    But does anybody know anything about her. What are her stellar atributes and where does she fail. Or is she there to syphon votes and screw up the election for the others?

  2. renanda tribowo

    who are the green candidates?


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