Israel Folau and free speech

Australian rugby star Israel Folau was controversial again yesterday, sharing a homophobic video on twitter.  

This comes about a month after Folau stirred the pot of controversy by stating that all gays are going to “HELL.”


What do you do in this scenario?

On one hand, Israel Folau has his right to free speech. But he’s also an extremely influential person, and teaching homophobia is not something society needs.

So you could say that he’s a criminal with hate speech. But where do you draw the line? What constitutes hate speech?

It’s an extremely murky situation.

If anyone has an idea of what the right course of action here is, let me know. Because I certainly don’t.


  1. Raoul Ketko

    I agree that Israel Falau, like anyone else, is entitled to free speech. I do not see either of his statements as “hate speech”. He simply runs the risk of being judged harshly (as he has been) when he makes gruesome and ignorant homophobic comments. He does, however, the right to share his facile statements “with great love”. We can, as is our right, with great love, choose to ignore them.

  2. Lisa Gilmer

    In your view, what is “homophobic”? From what I remember from Catholic teaching, bible content, etc is the Christian position is not anti gay people, but anti gay behavior. Or “love the sinner, hate the sin”… Christians also realize most people commits sins but will be forgiven if they repent and ask forgiveness. This is not a ‘phobia’ or something to ‘fear’… just part of Christianity.

    Did the media howl with consternation and disapproval when Sonnie Bill Williams announced he was Muslim? Do you know the ‘standard’ position of Islam about homosexuality? I am pretty sure it is a bit different than Christianity. Go look it up – or you can watch some youtube videos of gay men being tossed of roof tops just for being gay or beaten to death…

    The “media” is bashing Israel’s statements because they love to bash Christianity… where am I wrong?!


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