Entrenching the Maori seats?

It was a members day on Thursday, meaning that members bills were drawn from the ballot, and one of those that was drawn was Rino Tirikatene’s entrenchment of the Māori seats bill.

Entrenchment would mean that to get rid of the seat entirely, 75% of parliament has to vote in favour of getting rid of that seat. Currently, all general seats are entrenched, but Māori seats are not.

So, at the moment, a simple majority could see the Māori seats removed from existence.

While it’s almost certain that Labour and the Greens will support this legislation, entrenchment of anything requires a supermajority – 75% of parliament needs to vote for this.

Meaning that it’s National’s choice whether or not this passes.

National has had a policy that’s been around forever of getting rid of the Māori seats at some point – but they’ve also had a practice of procrastinating on that policy.

And with the Māori duo of Simon Bridges and Paula Bennet in the leadership and deputy leadership roles of National, I think this piece of legislation has a chance of getting through.


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