Where is the mandate for the waka-jumping bill?

The waka jumping bill, a bill that says that if MPs cross the floor the Party leader can expel any MP from parliament entirely if backed by two thirds of the caucus, is currently in the select committee stage. 

The bill has been widely opposed from all across the political spectrum, with 41 out of the 43 submitters on the bill opposing it entirely, and the two that didn’t completely oppose it thought it should only be for list MPs, not electorate MPs.

And I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of articles voicing their opposition to the waka jumping bill, but I can remember just two supporting it – and one of those was written by Winston Peters, the architect of the bill.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the public so universally opposed to legislation, and I doubt I ever will again.

So, when the public is this opposed to the waka jumping bill, does the government even have a mandate to pass this bill?

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