Where is NZ First?

One thing that I have noticed in my few months of blogging is that I’ve done very little on NZ First.

And part of the reason for that is that there hasn’t really been a lot of news out of them.

Excluding Shane Jones, who has been given both good and bad coverage by the media, there’s almost complete radio silence from NZ First.

Winston Peters, the man who chose to go with Labour, the man who dominated the media last year, has suddenly become a very quiet and meek Deputy Prime Minster.

Fellow cabinet minster Ron Mark’s only coverage was when Fletcher Tabuteau took the position of deputy leader from him.

And there’s been nothing from Tabuteau either, which is weird, as you would think that he’d be keen to show the country who he is.

And Tracey Martin hasn’t done anything to produce headlines either.

All of this is very strange when you consider that NZ First have been below 5% – meaning that there’s a strong chance that they might not be in parliament come 2020.

NZ First needs to start getting some good coverage of them soon, or this term in both government and parliament, will be their last.



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