Davis has been acting prime minster

That’s some news right there.

Kelvin Davis, has in fact, been acting PM for the past week while Ardern and Peters have been in Europe.

Who knew?

The man hasn’t got any media coverage at all.

Now, it is worth noting that he has been better than the last time he was acting PM, where he got exclusively negative coverage, but I don’t really think that him having zero coverage is brilliant, either.

To put in perspective, I didn’t realise he was acting PM until today – and I practically check the political news of New Zealand every half hour.

Hopefully he will finally put on a solid show next time he is acting PM.


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  1. Zeyde

    The real question is, is the acting PM acting like a PM? And what is a PM supposed to act like? Thank you dan, once again you’ve opened my eyes?


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