Not all that bad for the coalition

A new Colmar Brunton poll was released today, with the results being misinterpreted. 

Labour fell five points, from 48% to 43%, while National gained one point, going from 43% to 44%.

The other three points that Labour lost both went to their coalition partners, the Greens and NZ First, with NZ First climbing two to 5%, (A result which would see them still in parliament if that was their share of the vote come 2020) and the Greens rising 1 point to 6%,

Unfortunately, the fact that in reality, the coalition is down just one point has been not been covered, with most outlets prioritising the fact that National is ahead of Labour.

And it’s also worth noting that Simon Bridges has just a 10% preferred prime minster rating, while Jacinda Ardern has 37%.

It’s not all doom and gloom for Labour and the coalition – in fact, a difficult month marred with controversy, I’d say they did pretty well to only have gone down one point.


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  1. Raoul Ketko

    With a margin of error of + or – 3% this poll result is certainly not one to applaud or worry about. I agree with your last sentence.

    As far as the preferred Prime Minister poll is concerned it would be very unusual for an only recently anointed opposition leader to poll close to the incumbent Prime Minister. I think, however, that Simon Bridges is not yet well enough known (and is not particularly charismatic). He might rise gradually.


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