O’Sullivan TOP’s best chance

All of the major poltical parties are trying to snag high profile doctor Lance O’Sullivan, although it looks like National has been ruled out.

However, it seems that serious talks are happening between O’Sullivan and TOP founder Gareth Morgan.

And TOP should absolutely be trying to do everything they can do get O’Sullivan to lead their party.

While TOP’s policy’s were generally seen as good by majority of New Zealanders last year (can’t remember where I read this sorry), it only translated to 2.4% of the vote come election day.

And part of that must have been Morgan’s toxic brand.

This is the person who used Jacinda Ardern’s cats death as an opportunity to accuse the PM of not caring for native wildlife.

And he’s constantly embroiled in fights on twitter.

But O’Sullivan is popular and has charisma.

If O’Sullivan leads the party, while Morgan keeps pouring his millions into the party from behind the scenes, then TOP may have a good chance come 2020.


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  1. renanda tribowo

    what chance is that? did he miss it


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