Time to grizzle about Mark Richardson

Mark Richarson is at it again, complaining about how “all millennials do is grizzle.” 

“All they do is grizzle,” he {Richardson} said, after Duncan Garner brought up new research suggesting more than half of Millennials are facing a ‘quarter-life crisis’.

How empathetic. I bet if this was about those who were suffering mid-life crisis’s, he would be a lot more empathetic.

Who comes up with this rubbish?

“I’d argue that Millennials are in a constant state of crisis really.

“That’s all I hear out of young people nowadays, grizzle about this, grizzle about that. Complain that this isn’t fair, complaining about that.

“How about getting off your asses and doing some work?”

Who’s doing the grizzling now?

First, Richardson is putting all Millennials into one group, which completely isn’t fair.

Second, Millennials don’t complain any more than any other generation.

Third, we are working. Working long hours so that you can have a nice retirement. Saving for decades so we can finally buy a house of our own.

And yes, quarter-life crisis are a thing.

So, on the behalf of Millennials everywhere, I would like to request that Mark Richardson show some empathy.

And we’d also like to request that he stop grizzling about us.



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