National focusing on Auckland

David Farrar recently compared Labour and National’s front benches. 

One of the more interesting thing to note is National has a far more MPs from Auckland.

It’s a sound strategic move from Bridges.

First, the last party leader since to win an election who was from outside of Auckland was Jim Bolger, back in 1990.

Given Bridges is from Tauranga, going Auckland heavy makes sense.

However, in the last election National actually increased it’s vote in Auckland electorates that would generally be considered Labour strongholds, like Mangere, New Lynn, and Manukau East.

So it makes even more sense for National to capitalise off their recent gains in New Zealand’s largest city, and go on an offensive to try and increase their vote there even more.

It’s a good strategy, and may just work for Bridges.


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  1. Barrie Fowler

    hi Dan,
    You may correct me, but I understand the leaders and deputy leaders of National, Labour, the Greens, and NZ First, are all from the North Island, and predominantly from the upper North Island. What sort of message does this send to South Island people? And what sort of understanding of rural issues do you think the citified leaders of our parties really have?
    Barrie Fowler.


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