National’s new shadow cabinet

National unveiled it’s new shadow cabinet yesterday, and there were some definite winners and losers. 

Judith Collins took up the housing portfolio – meaning she may face off with Phil Twyford over what is possibly New Zealand’s biggest issue. That’ll be a battle and a half.

Todd McClay was another definite winner – taking Gerry Brownlee’s Foreign Affairs, as well as tourism and trade, he’s up to fifth in the rankings.

Mark Mitchell was also promoted to the front bench as he took justice, defence and disarmament. It’s clear his leadership campaign did not go unrewarded.

But there are those who were given a demotion as well.

Gerry Brownlee now sits outside of the top ten, his most major role now being the Shadow Leader of the House.

Nick Smith took a dive as well, losing his environment portfolio, and now he only holds the State Services and electoral law reform roles.

For Brownlee and Smith, the message is clear – It’s time to step aside, generational change is here.

And for the rest of the caucus, they’ll be banking on Bridge’s generational change to counter Jacindamania.

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