Davis stuck between a rock and a hard place

Corrections minster Kelvin Davis is being asked to sign off on a new, 1 billion dollar prison to accommodate our growing prison population

Unfortunately for him, the Labour government has committed to slashing prisons numbers by 30% within the next 15 years.

This puts Davis in a difficult position.

Allowing the plan to build the prison will be a sure sign of defeat at Labour’s first hurdle – and they’ll get criticized for it.

Don’t allow the prison to be built, and he’ll face criticism for allowing prisons to get overpopulated. Davis will then face ire from within the prisons – the people Davis is supposed to represent, and the people who he needs on his side.

Choose on option, and Davis will crop criticism. Choose the other option, and Davis will still crop criticism.

Not a fun situation.

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  1. renanda tribowo

    how could he be trapped there?


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