Bill English resigns as National Party leader

Jo Moir and Tracy Watkins writes:

Bill English has announced his resignation as both National Party leader and an MP.

He will step down on February 27 and intends to deliver a valedictory speech in Parliament on March 1…

He said the decision was a “purely personal” one.

The National Party caucus was told about his plans in their weekly caucus meeting on Tuesday morning, before English held a press conference flanked by his colleagues and family, including wife Mary and some of his children.

Holy Shit.

That’s my general feeling.

This came right out of the blue.

While it was always likely that English would resign as National Party leader before the end of the term, I always expected it to happen in mid 2019, not right at the start of the political year.

It’s not good for National either.

They now risk putting themselves on the same path that Labour did in 2008 – Going through a conveyor belt of leaders.

Will that be the case? Time will tell.

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