Advice for the political parties

Today, the political year kicks off. Naturally, I, a 14 year old, decided to offer my valuable (read: worthless) advice to the politicians who have been doing this for years and years.

Let’s get right in then, shall we?

Labour: If you make a promise, make bloody well sure it happens. With an unusually large opposition facing the ruling party, this government needs to be on the double with making sure that crisis are averted, and quickly.

National: Show unity. Not having columns going up suggesting a leadership coup is critical at this stage. For the moment, National must show that they are 100% behind Bill. Otherwise, National also needs to put the best of the best up asking the questions come question time. Now is not the time to give the newbies experience; the year must start off right for National.

NZ First: Distinguish yourself. With the rumors swirling around that this will be Winston’s last years, showing that NZ First is not a one man party is critical. Whether it’s Ron Mark, Tracey Martin, or Shane Jones, they all need to show their prowess.

Greens: Get  Chloe Swarbrick in the media. Had Jacinda not come onto the scene, Chloe Swarbrick could have been the millennial’s star this election. But Jacinda is slowly becoming old news, giving an opportunity for Swarbrick to take the show. Having her in good media will give the greens a bump in polls and bump in confidence.

ACT: Make sure what you do counts: With David Seymour your only MP, whatever questions you ask, whatever you do on your select committees, make sure it counts. You won’t have many chances, so don’t waste them.

There ya go. A 14 year old’s advice to the political parties.

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